Candy Shop; Bonbons Kel

Bonbons Kel Inc was born from a dream. Mrs. Paradis was able to create and develop these delectable, colourful lollipop /candies where over 500 recipes were needed to achieve these sweet treasures. At the beginning, the Mrs Paradis and her daughter struggled quite a bit during the development process Mme Paradis is explaining. In order to get a high quality candy, attention to details is a must; temperatures, cooking time, accurate working surface and perfect humidity levels are essential.

The candy store is Located in St-Liboire near St-Hyacinthe in La Montérégie. It is where the magic happens; the candies are pulled sugar hard candy and are produced in 15 different flavours.

The creation

Pulled sugar is a cooked sugar that is worked with while hot. There are 4 main steps to achieve a candy; the cooking, the sugar folding, shape molding and finally the sugar pulling. These original candies are as pretty as they are delicious .